Ring Size Guide


Before choosing your ring, there are some important factors that you should take into account in order to correctly choose the ring size:

- Measure your finger at the end of the day: depending on the time of day and the weather, the diameter of our fingers varies. It is best to take the measurement at the end of the day to avoid very tight sizes.
- The ring must fit comfortably: the ideal size is one that allows the ring to fit on the finger and at the same time slide over the knuckles. If you hesitate between two sizes, always choose the larger one.
- Measure the finger where the ring is going to go: each finger has a different diameter, although at first glance there is hardly any difference between them.

As a guide, and without going into details of measurements, we leave you some references (the most common) according to the usual sizes in Spain:
  • Size 10 - Very thin fingers
  • Size 12 - Thin fingers
  • Size 14 - Medium fingers
  • Size 16 - Thick fingers
How can I know the measurement?

The best and easiest thing, look for a ring that fits your size on the finger you have chosen and measure its inner diameter in millimeters (at its widest part). with a ruler .
Contrast with the measurement table (measurements in mm are approximate):
Inner diameter in mm
Ring size number Spain
15.20mm 8 (usually pinky)
15.90mm 10 (usually pinky/ring finger)
16.50mm 12 (normally override)
17.10mm 14 (normally ring/heart)
17.80mm 16 (usually index)
18.40mm 18 (usually index/thumb)

The measurements are not always exact, they can vary a few mm depending on the type of ring, whether due to its thickness, whether it is a large size or if it is handmade.

We hope this mini guide has been useful to you! But if you still have any questions, please contact contact with us and we will help you.