The Origin of Our Name

El Origen de Nuestro Nombre

If you have ever wondered why we call ourselves that... let me tell you a little story full of charm and passion.

My grandmother, called Pepa , was a farm worker in a rural town in Extremadura. Despite having few resources and living in a post-war era, she managed to raise her nine children with little help. This story of struggle and effort inspired me when searching for a name for my store. There is always a Pepa person in every family and home, someone with personality and determination who achieves what she sets out to do without regrets.

To complement the name, I decided to add a surname inspired by Nadia Comanecci, a woman who won nine Olympic medals in a difficult time and who today is considered one of the best athletes in our recent history. Although we have slightly modified the last name, his story of improvement and achievement was my source of inspiration.

My grandmother's name, along with the last name of this incredible athlete, was the inspiration behind the name of our store. PEPA COMANECHI , ​​two unique women who shone with their nine medals.

I hope you have enjoyed this little moment of reading done with so much love, behind our store there is a lot of soul, enthusiasm and desire and although we are still small we will continue working to continue offering you very charming garments and accessories for women like you, for the #VeryPepaGirls.

Thank you for reading and we hope you continue by our side.
A wholehearted hug.

PS: And yes, the person in the photo is me! 😉

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