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Ghanaian Artisan Carrycot with DIY Leather Handles - Multicolor

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African handmade carrycot with leather handles.
Light, elegant, unique and sustainable. This bag combines fibers, natural dyeing and authentic leather handles for a different style as well as being very chic for this summer.

Material: Elephant Grass (Natural Fiber) and Skin
Main Closure: Leather
Interior: Unlined. Single compartment
Size (L x W x H): 44 x 19 x 29 cm. Approximate.

Tips: They are completely moldable to each person's taste. It is wet with water to make it easier to shape. Once completely wet (the skin is not necessary as it takes longer to dry), shape it with your hands and let it dry.

Made by Ghanaian artisans with the Bolgatanga technique.

The ascentral Bolgatanga technique consists of weaving baskets, carrycots, bags and other objects by hand using elephant grass, also known as elephant grass. This grass is collected, dried in the sun and then dyed with natural dyes obtained from local plants and minerals before being woven. Artisans use skill and patience to intertwine the fibers and create beautiful unique patterns and designs.

By purchasing these products, families in Ghanaian villages will have a sustainable livelihood. The quality of the products is excellent, but since they are handmade, they may entail small defects typical of a product made manually. They are unique, different, stylish products that also support a good cause!