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In the heart of Ghana, Bolgatanga basketry is an artisanal gem rooted in the culture of the Gurunsi tribe. Handwoven from the grass known as " elephant grass" and dyed with natural dyes, these baskets are unique works that tell stories of identity and creativity.

Our collection includes carrycots, baskets and paipays , each reflecting this artisanal mastery and fusing this tradition with fresh and contemporary designs.

💞 We also help families in the villages of Ghana to have a sustainable livelihood 💞

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Wayúu Artisan Bags

Wayúu bags are geometric designs typical of the Colombian Wayúu culture . Each piece is made by hand by artisans using the crochet technique with cotton threads and different colors. They are characterized by the use of natural fibers and organic textiles using traditional techniques.

Being a handmade product , the variety of ethnic designs and colors varies in each production phase, and they provide a special touch to each piece that results in a unique and exclusive product with exquisite quality.

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Pepa Comanechi is an online clothing and accessories store for women with garments selected with great care and at reasonable prices. Our store was born for those women who are looking for unique and charming garments without losing elegance, trend and femininity.

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